New! We now offer massage therapy!

We specialize in manual orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

The Physical Therapy services we provide include:


Manual Therapy
Laser Light Therapy
Visceral Mobilization
Electrical Stimulation
Therapeutic Massage
Owens Blood Flow Restriction Therapy
Normatec Lymphatic & Recovery Compression
Grayston Technique


Postural Assessment
Body Mechanics
Ergonomics Instruction
Spinal Stabilization
Range of Motion:
• Active Exercises
• Passive Exercises
• Active Assisted Exercises
Coordination & Balance Training
Gait Training
Compex Wireless Neuromuscular Re-Education
Therapeutic Exercises
Kinetic Activities
Home & Gym Exercise Programs


Fabrizio PTSM is the Rolls Royce of Physical Therapy

-Robert Klapper, M.D.
Joint Replacement Program Chief
Division of Orthopedics
Cedars Sinai Medical Center