David Fabrizio PT, OCS, CSCS

David Fabrizio, one of the most sought-after orthopedic/sports manual physical therapists in the Los Angeles area, is celebrating his 31st year in physical therapy and his 22nd year as founder of Fabrizio PTSM.

David’s patients—from A-list actors, studio heads, and Fortune 500 CEO’s to referrals from leading orthopedists—respond to his depth of knowledge of movement patterns and exercise physiology, manual physical therapy skills, compassion, warmth, and most of all, his humor.

David started his physical therapy and sports medicine career in the United States Air Force. He graduated Cum Laude from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. His training included internships at the top medical facilities in the Cleveland area, including an inpatient orthopedics rotation at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Foundation. After graduating from CSU, he took a staff physical therapist position at the Great Lakes Regional Rehab Center. Here, he developed his treatment philosophy of functional and comprehensive physical therapy. He treated acute, cardiac, and neurological patients during day-time hours, while treating orthopedics and sports medicine patients in the evenings. David was selected as one of two physical therapists at Great Lakes qualified to teach Biomechanics, Ergonomics, and Back School. David has completed over 1,000 hours in athletic training rooms across the country treating both college and high school athletes.

A diversified athlete, David has competed in boxing, martial arts, triathlons, baseball, basketball, and football. This contributes to his diverse and in-depth understanding of kinesiology and abnormal movement patterns. He is a master weightlifter and is a Certified Strength Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

David is devoted to continuing education. In 2000, he completed a year long Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy course with Joe Godges, DPT, MS, and OCS and became board-certified in Orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association. His memberships include: American Physical Therapy Association, American Back Society, and the American College of Sports Medicine..

Along with his wife, Rachel, who runs the front office, David has brought his physical therapy clinic to the next level. David has five children and his hobbies include piano and acting.

Rachel Fabrizio

Rachel Fabrizio, wife of David Fabrizio, is the office manager at Fabrizio Physical Therapy. With her strong interpersonal skills, caring personality and dedication to the well being of the clinic and patients, she has brought a new meaning to patient satisfaction. An avid runner and exercise enthusiast, Rachel has competed in several 10K’s including the Susan G. Komen race for the cure, competed in local gymnastics competitions, and was a personal trainer.

Rachel graduated with her degree in Liberal studies with a minor in child development. She worked as a Pre-kindergarten teacher for 15 years and became school principal for an additional 6. She decided to leave her career in education to join her husband and create the best atmosphere for their patients. Her patience and empathy are exhibited daily with her understanding of patients needs.

Rachel believes in helping others, and along with her husband David is happy to be a part of a great team!

Scott Sonderman

Scott Sonderman joins the Fabrizio PTSM team having completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Washington University- St. Louis, under the tutelage of Shirley Sharmann, whose unique approach to movement dysfunction has led the way to changing the physical therapy practice as a whole. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Missouri, is a Certified Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization exercise trainer and continues to hone his skills in therapy with ongoing education at the Prague School of Rehabilitation, and through Joe Godges manual therapy courses.

Scott utilizes a unique blend of movement dysfunction, motor pattern training, and manual therapy to assess, correct, and restore normal function to his patients. He enjoys finding each patient's weakness
and turning it into a strength for their specific needs; regardless of whether it is a professional athlete, actor, weekend warrior, or anything in between.

Scott has played and excelled at many sports over the years including mixed martial arts, kickboxing, basketball, jiu-jitsu, soccer, baseball, and powerlifting. He currently trains for the sport of olympic weightlifting.

Bart Drewniak

Bart Drewniak joined Fabrizio PTSM after completing the doctoral program at the prestigious USC Physical Therapy program. Bart was born in Poland, later moving to west Germany thus having picked up cultural understanding and acquiring various types of languages along the way.

Bart received a bachelors degree in Kinesiology in 2000, while studying at USC. He maintained an understudy position at the USC Motor Behavior Lab researching the impact of body weight support treadmill training on Parkinsons patients.

Bart combines a blend of strong manual therapy, soft tissue work and a vast knowledge of kinesiology to his patients to help in the recovery process. He is known for his strong hands and warm heart.

Since graduating, Bart has spent 9 years traveling the state of California as an independent contractor PT gaining exposure to a wide variety of patients and assisting medical clinics. Bart’s passion is to give to the underprivileged and minority populations, often working with trauma victims, migrant workers, as well as Spanish speaking patients in need of quality care.

Bart is truly one of the most compassionate therapists in his field. With patience, incredible knowledge and true love of his craft, he continues to inspire his patients.

"Simply put: David Fabrizio is the best.

As a former athlete, I am very familiar with the world of physical therapy as I have been treated for far too many injuries in my time and met countless dedicated therapists.

He has helped me recover from a number of surgical procedures, as well as a litany of weekend warrior complaints. There's no question that I couldn't function properly without him!"

–David Hunt

Myung-Soo Choi, PT, DPT, CSCS

As a physical therapist, Myungsoo is passionate about orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance. Prior to joining Fabrizio PTSM, he worked at a physical therapy clinic in Arizona where he treated a variety of patients including fire fighters, law-enforcement officers and Special Forces.

Myungsoo was born in Seoul, Korea and served the U.S. and South Korea Army while working as a paramedic in a military hospital. It was at the military hospital where he had his first exposure to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Myungsoo received his BS in Exercise Science from Rutgers University in New Jersey with Summa Cum Laude, and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society. He then earned a doctoral degree in physical therapy from Columbia University in New York with The National Merit Scholarship.

Myungsoo is a certified strengthening and conditioning coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is an official provider of The Selective Functional Movement Assessment via Functional Movement Systems. In his free time, Myungsoo enjoys weightlifting, hiking and watching Soccer games.

Ryan Kunihiro

Ryan was born and raised in Yorba Linda, CA. He graduated with Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science from Cal Poly Pomona. He previously worked at an Orange County physical therapy office for four yearswhere he worked with with pediatric, neurological and orthopedic patients before joining the Fabrizio PT team.

Ryan plans to go to graduate school to become a physical therapist in the near future.

During his free time Ryan coaches an elementary basketball team and loves watching football, baseball, and basketball games.

Jason Tanaka

Jason Tanaka recently joined Fabrizio Physical therapy and has already built quit a list of patients that love him.  Jason is a doctor of physical therapy that was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, before moving to Southern California to earn his bachelors degree.  Fortunately for us, he fell in love with the west coast and hasn’t left since!

 Dr. Tanaka competed on the varsity swim team at the University of Southern California, which consistently placed in the top 10 in the NCAA throughout his time there.  He swam the 100 butterfly and the 50 and 100 freestyle events and obtained a scholarship for his achievements.

 During the demands of his training, Dr. Tanaka sustained a severe knee injury.  He underwent months of physical therapy, and although the injury meant the end to his swimming career, he set his sights on a new objective: to study physical therapy and help other athletes like him on the path to recovery. 

 We are so happy to have Jason, he is a great addition to our team!