Proper equipment generally equates to superior, more efficient therapy, and Fabrizio PTSM employs only the best tools in the industry-from Cybex, to Tuff-Stuff, to other high-end brands.

Split into three categories of fitness, the equipment includes:

Weight Training

• Shuttle leg press
• Standard leg press
• Prone hamstring curl
• Seated hamstring curl
• Seated leg extension
• Inner/outer thigh machine
• Seated calf raise
• Preacher bench
• Smith rack
• Flat bench
• Adjustable bench
• Sets of dumbbells ranging from 1-75 lbs
• Vertical knee raise
• 45-degree back extension
• Dual stack Functional Trainer
• Multi-chin dip station
• Fly/rear deltoid machine
• Lap pull-down
• Seated row with multiple grips
• Slide board
• Fitter ski machine


• True treadmills
• True recumbent and upright bicycles
• SCI-FIT Upper-body ergometer

Balance and Agility

• Multiple wobble / balance boards
• Bosu balls
• All biometric levels of (burst-resistant) Swiss balls
• Mini-trampoline