Bruce Gilbert

Personal trainer Bruce Gilbert brings over 20 years of experience and knowledge to his clients at Fabrizio PTSM. He stays current on the most effective training techniques through continued education with the top educators in the fitness and training field. Bruce will consult with your Physical Therapist for a deeper understanding of your special needs so you will reap the benefits of each workout and minimize the risk of injury. Nationally certified with the American Council on Exercise and a graduate of the personal trainer certification course at the University of California Los Angeles extension program. He makes every training session more enjoyable by using variety, progression and a liberal dose of humor. Bruce is not a musician or an actor but likes to surf and trail run with his dog when he's not training.

The concept of why, as well as how to perform an exercise is key to truly understanding your fitness program. What this means is; you need to know the reason you are doing a particular exercise, not just the correct form. Without this knowledge you are just following someone else's workout routine which may not be suitable for your particular needs and imbalances. Years of favoring the dominant side of your body takes it's toll on your ability to move fluidly and use your body efficiently. The over 40 client has special concerns and needs a trainer with Bruce's expertise as he will address your imbalances more in depth. He will transform the way you think and feel about your body and health.

Michael Guarnera

With almost fifteen years of experience under his belt, Michael Guarnera brings with him his love, knowledge, and passion for physical training to Fabrizio Physical Therapy. Training is a skilled continuation of the intense care and work that patients received here at this facility, and he takes that very seriously. Not only a skilled trainer, Michael has an extensive dance and gymnastics background to which he incorporates in his knowledge and unique style of training. As a former gymnastics coach and dance instructor, he understands what the body needs to develop true strength. “There is a distinct difference between true strength and sheer power!”

Michael emphasizes on perfecting one’s form, stretching, and developing solid core strength. He also believes in varying a client’s workout, so that the client doesn’t get bored, nor do the muscles not feel challenged and fully worked. “There are many ways to exercise a particular muscle, so why settle for one and not switch it up and have fun while you’re at it?” Training should be fun, and Michael’s goal is to make his clients not only need to workout, but WANT to work out!