Whole Body Balance

with Rachel Fabrizio, CMT, CPT, FRCms


Rachel Fabrizio has spent many years searching for a way to bring balance and nurturing to others in her life. She graduated from the prestigious National Holistic Institute and holds her massage license with over 900 hours of training in both Western and Eastern modalities. As a massage therapist she has found a way to use her passion and bring to you the gift of  “Whole Body Balance”. During her own experiences with receiving massage she noticed that often times the massage was missing that individual connected touch, this connection is vital in the journey of healing.  Each person is an individual and has a story that can be told through the body and often times is held in the tissues just waiting to be released.  She has dedicated herself to bringing this individual touch to each and every patient and finding balance and healing from the inside out. 



Swedish Full Body Massage

Full body massage promotes balance and well- being with a light to medium touch using long strokes and focusing on the fluid relaxing movement of tissues.

60 / 90 min
$100 / $125


Deep Tissue Combo

Deep tissue and Swedish combo will explore trouble areas and focus on releasing hypertonic muscles and restricted tissues along with Swedish soothing strokes..

60 / 90 / 120 minutes
$125 / $150 / $200

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