The Gym

A modern, state-of-the art, and high-tech facility, the Fabrizio PTSM gym houses every imaginable type of rehab equipment across 1,750 sq ft of thick designer rubber flooring. This facility proposes a variety of options while simultaneously giving patients the space, and comfort not often seen in an expansive gym. In addition, HD LCD televisions strategically placed within the room, as well as a superb overhead sound system, encourages a sense of liveliness and activity. Putting a thoughtful design at the forefront, the layout and function aims to enhance the client's care in the most productive and engaging manner possible.

The Clinic

Therapy treatments at the Fabrizio clinic include:

• Manual physical therapy
• Interferential current (IFC)
• Laser light
• Micro-current
• Russian stimulation
• 1 & 3 Mhz ultrasound/combosound
• Iontophoresis

• Biofeedback units
• Strengthening/Stabilization programs
• Flexibility training
• Neuromuscular re-education
• Balance/Kinesthetic retraining
• Gait & Postural analysis

Drawing on inspiration from the typical luxury spa, each of the clinic's five private rooms and relaxing areas, much like the gym, adhere to strict attention to detail: sconce lighting rather than overhead fluorescents, a volume-controllable speaker system, and simplicity in look and feel are key. A locker room is also conveniently available for patient use.

The Equipment

Proper equipment generally equates to superior, more efficient therapy, and Fabrizio PTSM employs only the best tools in the industry-from Cybex, to Tuff-Stuff, to other high-end brands.

Split into three categories of fitness, the equipment includes:

Weight Training

• Shuttle leg press
• Standard leg press
• Prone hamstring curl
• Seated hamstring curl
• Seated leg extension
• Inner/outer thigh machine
• Seated calf raise
• Preacher bench
• Smith rack
• Flat bench
• Adjustable bench
• Sets of dumbbells ranging from 1-75 lbs
• Vertical knee raise
• 45-degree back extension
• Dual stack Functional Trainer
• Multi-chin dip station
• Fly/rear deltoid machine
• Lap pull-down
• Seated row with multiple grips
• Slide board
• Fitter ski machine


• True treadmills
• True recumbent and upright bicycles
• SCI-FIT Upper-body ergometer

Balance and Agility

• Multiple wobble / balance boards
• Bosu balls
• All biometric levels of (burst-resistant) Swiss balls
• Mini-trampoline